When can my child start 3 year old kinder?

Your child must have turned three (3) by 30 April in the year that you wish to enrol.

Children who have not turned three by the commencement of term 1 can attend kinder but will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian until they turn three.

When can my child start 4 year old kinder?

Your child must have turned four (4) by 30 April in the year that you wish to enrol.

Can my child have a second year of kinder?

Your child is only eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten if they are identified as having delayed development in two or more areas and would benefit from a second year of kinder.  Please speak to our teachers for further information.

Must my child be toilet trained?

Yes, children in 3 and 4 year old programs must be toilet trained with the exception of children with medical conditions.  Please speak to our teachers if this is a concern.

Are you approved or registered care?

Yes, we are registered care. Carer Reference Number: 307 807 481B.

How do you deal with food allergies?

Please refer to our Anaphylaxis Policy.

What days do your kinder programs run?

Please see Our Programs for details.

If my child attends your 3 year old program are they guaranteed a 4 year old place?sandinhand

Yes. All children who attend our 3 year old program will be offered a place in our 4 year old program for the following year.

Can I attend your 4 year old program if I haven’t attended your 3 year old program?

There are usually some places available (subject to demand) for children who have not attended our 3 year old program.

You can place your child’s name on our waitlist from the start of the year in which your child turns 2. Please see Enrolments.