Our Staff

MEGAN SESTAN    4-5 Year Old Pedagogical Leader, Educational Leader, Nominated Supervisor

megan_roundMegan has her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and has been at Walker Street Community Kindergarten since 2003. Megan’s passions lie in exploring art media, sensory exploration and guiding children to become resilient and confident learners.


SUE EDWARDS   3-4 and 4-5 Year Old Pedagogical Leader


Sue has her Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and joined the Walker Street team in 2012. Sue is passionate about empowering children to become life-long learners while having a sense of fun and enjoyment in their play.




SUE LA POSTA     3-4 Year Old Educator

sue_l_roundSue has been at Walker Street since 2006 and has completed a Certificate III in Children’s Services. Sue is an animal lover and regularly brings in lizards, grass hoppers and many other insects she finds in her garden for the children to touch, explore and learn from Sue’s vast knowledge in this area.




JOANNE VOLPE   3-4 Year Old Educator

joanne_roundJoanne joined Walker Street in 2013 and has completed a Diploma in Children’s Services. Working with children has always been a great passion for Joanne and she enjoys extending children’s imaginations through storytelling and puppetry.